Thursday, October 3, 2013

Teachers are so smart

Hey Friends,
Wanted to share this adorable post card that I created for a friend who is an elementary school teacher. She is always sending little notes to her students and needed something cute and handy and appropriate for all occasions.  She sent them before school started to say hello and get the kids excited for school.  She can use them as thank you notes.  She can use them as notes for awesome days, or lost teeth or get well, or just about anything.  They are set up to mail as a postcard (nice postage savings there) or she can stick them in the take home folder or backpack--whatever she chooses.  Love it.  And we all know kids love mail!

And look, so cute it was contagious!



Monday, March 4, 2013


Love these notepads. Love the women I created for and gifted to.  Love these verses.  Love the design. Love the Lord who gave us such promises.  Let me know if you'd like to have your own custom notepad. Nice, small size.  50 sheets a pad.

here is another common one around my house



Friday, March 1, 2013

What's Going on...

It's been a while, over a year in fact since my last post, so here goes.  Lots of paper, lots of stickers, lots of parties, way too many to share, so here are a few highlights.  Thanks for checking in!

Brother sister joint birthday party from the fall.  War Eagle, Hey!

and the party favor sticker. 

Dear friend celebrated the first birthday of her precious girl. This one had to be just right, and thankfully, it was "spot on." 

Flat note for all those thank yous!
Tag for the party favors

Beautiful girls, beautiful photograph, easy work to make this Christmas card come together. 

notepad as personalized gift for a teacher

My annual Christmas party...this was just so fun I hate to leave it at just the invite, but I'm not sure there is even a single pic from the night.  Plenty of memories though!

Teacher flat notes.  Owl is the school mascot, this is just too cute. 

My best work ever has to be these three precious, silly monkey kiddos
.  This was our family Christmas Card.

What do you do when your birthday is right before Christmas? You have an elf inspired party of course.  The awesome take home was an adorable apron with an elf hat and each little girl's name.  Sweet sweet! 
This is a sign that lives in my yard.  It is printed on both sides.  Durable. It's starting to fade, but it has been out there for many many months now.  I love it and I do think it has helped a bit!
Sweet and salty birthday party invite for my neice and nephew.  Popcorn and cupcakes, pinks and blues, all done to perfection by my fab sis in law!

retro look kitchen shower.  Enclosed in invite was the recipe card...such a cute idea with this party!

simple flat notes. everyday for everything

Valentine's Day is so sweet with kids.  And mine always have some pretty good ideas of what they want.  They get into it, how can I not bring their awesome ideas to life? 
and my daughter's finished product complete with friendship bracelets!



Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Heart day stickers

Hello my Valentines!
Had to share quickly what my kiddos delivered to their sweet little classmates today.  They were super stoked, so naturally so was I.  Sorry for such poor pictures this time, but you get the idea.
I'll share all the others I did this year for clients later, but for now...I love you a latte for reading :) 

3" round stickers, glossy stock.  Make great party favor bags for all kinds of events.

standard postcard size card, matte stock.  Great for flat notes, small invites, menu cards, etc.

and because it was just so darn boys at the mother's Valentine tea in front of a bulletin board that read "I love my mom because..." 
My little heart throbs put "she's cute" and the other put "she gives me kisses." 


and bad picture, but my shortcake,  post-school, wearing her Valentine from me and her daddy.  A You Are Beautiful t-shirt.  Check out hometees to get you one :)

She’s beautiful, and therefore to be wooed; She is woman, and therefore to be won
(Henry VI Part 1)


Thursday, January 26, 2012

Christmas 2011

Hi friends!
It's been too long, so here is a quick look back at some Christmas highlights.  I'm working away on Valentines me quick if you need some cutie pie ideas, but thought I'd post a few favs from the holiday season before posting any love notes.

Anyone who knows me at all can imagine the difficulty in this first card.  No, I didn't charge double (although I considered it, ha!)  Such a great idea that this client brought me and I think it turned out cute as can be.

and while we are on the subject....some notecards a client gifted to her elementary aged grandboys.  It's never too early to get them writing those notes!

and she didn't leave out her girls!

My brother and sis in law welcomed a new baby on 11.11.11.  So I had the pleasure of creating a Christmas card/birth announcement/thank you card for them.  They also got some new kiddo gift enclosure cards and folded notes that included the bambino.  Don't their "y" names all look so cute on paper?!

and a few more Christmas cards and gift stickers



Friday, November 11, 2011

Wrap it up

Here are a few new designs for a rectangular sticker, big round sticker, and a few calling/enclosure cards.

approx. 3.5 x 2.  10 labels  per sheet.

and a large 3" circle label. 6 per sheet
calling/encolsure cards with or without itsy envelopes.  I'd love to work with your color scheme of choice! Sets of 25 
chevrons bright

diagonal stripes